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Saint Roch and a donor with Saint Stephen?, stained glass roundel, Netherlandish, c. 1520

Clear glass with brown paint, yellow stains

Diameter: 242mm

Museum number: SG28

Curatorial note

A well-dressed man of prosperous appearance, bearded and wearing a feathered cap, holds a small rolled scroll and stands on a path leading to an arched gateway. He is in conversation with a monk to his right, a young beardless man wearing a biretta and richly hemmed habit, who holds a seal (?) in his left hand, and supports it with his right. Stones lie on the path. An older man, stooped and thin, stands on the other side of the group clutching his hat in both hands. He holds a staff under his arm and a hole is visible in his left legging. A fine townscape of gothic buildings appears in the background.

Popham suggested the subject might be ‘St Roch and a donor with St Stephen (a deacon). ?Flemish, after an early sixteenth-century original’ although its colouring indicates a date of 1550 or later’. St Roch, the patron saint of plague victims, is often shown as a pilgrim with the mark of the plague shown on his leg. St Stephen was the first of the deacons appointed by the apostles and is shown with his special attribute of stones, the means of his martyrdom. The folds of the garments are finely shaded and the muted use of yellow stain and the Gothic setting suggest an early sixteenth-century date.


A. E. Popham’s comments are MS notes in pencil held at Sir John Soane’s Museum, c. 1930
Dr C. J. Berserik, communication. Sir John Soane's Museum Archive (1998-2002)
Catalogue of the Stained Glass in Sir John Soane's Museum, Special Issue of the Journal of Stained Glass 2004, p. 166

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