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The Creation, stained glass panel, Swiss c. 1600

Clear glass sections leaded together, brown paint, yellow stain, blue and bright green enamels, and stippled stopgaps

Height: 300mm, approximate
Width: 260mm, approximate

Museum number: SG18

Curatorial note

One of only two Swiss panels in the collection, this is a companion piece to The Last Judgement, SG22. The bright enamels, the framing with richly garlanded bulbous classical columns and the crowded composition are typical of Swiss work of this period. A number of scenes illustrating the Creation are leaded together, including: the creation of Eve (bottom); Eve hands Adam the apple (right); Adam and Eve in shame before God (left); the expulsion from Eden (top centre); Adam forced to work (top left); Adam ploughing and cutting wood watched by Eve with her baby, the creation of light (top right); and the animals in the garden of Eden (centre).


A Description of the Residence of Sir John Soane, Architect. Limited edition published privately, London 1835, pp.7-8: The window in the north end of this room is enriched with Scriptural subjects on glass, among which are the Creation of the World and the Day of Judgement. These works are very ancient and in excellent preservation.
Catalogue of the Stained Glass in Sir John Soane's Museum, Special Issue of the Journal of Stained Glass 2004, pp 150, 152

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