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image S36

Fragment of the lower section of a Roman candelabrum or shaft

Pentelic marble

Height: 26cm
Diameter: 12cm
Circumference: 42cm

Museum number: S36

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 197help-vermeule-catalogue-number

Curatorial note

The enrichment of this fragment consists of irregular, serrated-edge foliate-vegetable sheathing at the lower circumference and vine leaves and large clusters of grapes hanging down vertically, above.

This appears to be a fragment of the shaft close to the base or to a joint1; (see above Vermeule 194, for a higher section of this type of shaft; also see Vermeule 198). This kind of leaf-wrapping on the lower end of the fragment seems a common feature even though the outgrowing foliage can differ, e.g. the Copenhagen candelabrum (see Hans-Ulrich Cain, Romische Marmorkandelaber, 1985, cat. no. 26, pl. 53, 3).

1 Compare with: The British School at Rome, Catalogue of ancient sculptures preserved in the municipal collections of Rome: The Sculptures of the Palazzo dei Conservatori, H.S. Jones, 2 vols, Oxford, 1926, p. 223, no. 18, pl. 86.

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