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John Jackson (1778 - 1831)

Portrait of a Lady (Mrs Parry the mother of Admiral Sir (William) Edward Parry, RN)


Oil on panel, probably

Height: 40.5cm, maximum, sight size
Width: 30.4cm, sight size

Museum number: P37

Provenance help-art-provenance

Admiral Sir William Edward Parry paid Jackson to paint a portrait of his mother in 'about the year 1824' (see Memorandum signed by him and dated May 1851 in the Soane Archive) before he went on an expedition (he left England on 8 May 1824). On his return some time between August and November 1825 (DNB) he found the picture unfinished. When he remonstrated with the artist he records 'he returned me the money and would not let me have the picture, which I supposed he had destroyed'. Soane presumably purchased the painting from Jackson before the artist's death in 1831. The work is not mentioned in Soane's 1830 Description and so must have been acquired after that date. It was probably purchased either from the artist prior to his death in 1831 or acquired from his studio following his death.


Soane, Description, 1835, p.16

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