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image P368

Pietro Fabris (fl. 1756 - 1779)

View of the tomb of Virgil at Pausilippo [Pozzuoli], Italy

Painted board

Museum number: P368

Curatorial note

Pausilippo (Italy), Tomb of Virgil: view of remains with woman, child and dog centre foreground.

The Roman burial chamber reputed to be the tomb of the poet Virgil (70-19 BC) was one of the sites most frequently visited by grand tourists in Naples. It is located at the entrance to a Roman tunnel built by the Emperor Augustus to link ancient Naples (Neapolis) to Pozzuoli and Baiae.

This view is painted on a small board of the type which were sold for sketching outdoors and of a scale that made them easily transportable. The board retains its original suppliers label.

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