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image M575

Fragment of the base of a Roman candelabrum(?)

Pentelic marble

Height: 94cm
Width: 68cm
Length (to break): 25cm

Museum number: M575

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 204help-vermeule-catalogue-number

Curatorial note

In its original orientation this fragment consisted, from top to bottom, of an ogee base moulding enriched with inverted, flat acanthus leaves and stem down the centre of each side; below this a plain base strip with inset guilloche near top.

This piece is similar to Soane S83 (Vermeule 203) but when compared with it the lack of precision in the carving of the acanthus foliage, etc. indicates a work of slightly less quality than no. 203 and perhaps of a later date (even though both share the same decorative features - acanthus leaves, fillet, guilloche - they seem to be different objects. A Piranesi pasticcio1 shows the 18th century restorer's use of two similar fragments but it is very much a compilation of objects fashionable at that time rather than an antique form). The weathering and surface disintegration which this piece has suffered heighten the inferior aspect of the enrichment.

1 Wilton-Ely, 1000/1001.

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If you have any further information about this object, please contact us: worksofart@soane.org.uk