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image M46

Fragmentary section of a Roman frieze

Early Imperial, contemporary with the Ara Pacis (13-17 BC)

Luna marble

Height: 38cm
Width: 116cm
Thickness: 10cm

Museum number: M46

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 103help-vermeule-catalogue-number

Curatorial note

Fragment of a frieze with scrolled acanthus enrichment with a fillet above. The piece, except for breaks at either end, is a self contained unit and perhaps formed part of the interior decoration of what must have been a large building - a basilica or a building from one of the early Imperial fora in Rome. The style and quality of the work matches that of the Ara Pacis in every respect.

Schörner states in his study of Roman foliage that this fragment and Vermeule 152 (M1124) are parts of the same piece and date to the Hadrianic period. Note that he gives the museum number of this piece (Vermeule 203) incorrectly as 1446M, instead of M46. Although his observation appears reasonable the Augustan date - contemporary with the Ara Pacis - seems more convincing.

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Description of Sir John Soane's Museum, 1930, p.41, fig.18 (above the cast of the Castor and Pollux capital).
Günther Schörner, Römische Rankenfriese, Untersuchungen zur Baudekoration der späten Republik und frühen und mittleren Kaiserzeit im Westen des Imperium Romanum, Mainz 1995, p. 156, no. 105 b, pl. 74, 2.

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