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image M1214

Fragment of a small Roman relief frieze (?)

c.50 BC-early 1st century AD


Height: 14cm
Width: 26.5cm

Museum number: M1214

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 455help-vermeule-catalogue-number

Curatorial note

Below a fillet and a bead and reel moulding is an acanthus leaf and flower stalk and tendrils on which a frog sits, left, at the left and a cupid stalks a grasshopper, right, at the right.

A fragment of late Hellenistic-early Imperial architectural terracotta enrichment, standing at the transitional point of such work from terracotta into the more permanent medium or marble. This curious piece, featuring a motive not rarely found in such work (compare in funerary relief, the provincial work in Trier Museum1), probably dates from c. 50 BC on and is paralleled by the little scroll of the painted frieze in the Villa dei Misteri.2

1 E. Esperandieu, Recueil général des bas-reliefs de la Gaule romaine, Paris, 1907 VI, pp. 262f., no. 5018.
2 E.g. Maiuri, La Villa dei Misteri, p. 207, fig. 87.

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