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Fragment of a Greek (Attic) votive relief

Early 4th century BC to mid 4th century BC

Pentelic marble

Height: 42cm
Width: 26cm
Depth: 9cm

Museum number: M1043

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 294help-vermeule-catalogue-number

Curatorial note

This fragment comes from the left side of the relief and includes a section of the anta on the left as well as the bottom strip. Within this frame, the body of a female figure standing right, in front of a tree (? behind, left), holding a long torch (the upper end of which is broken off) transversally in her raised left and lowered right hands. She is clad in a long chiton and tightly wrapped himation and wears sandals.

This relief and the costuming treatment, pose, etc. of the figure are nearly exactly as in a votive relief in Athens, Artemis and Adorants.1 The goddess Artemis or more likely Kora2, filling the height of the area within the anta, stands right with a long, flaming torch reaching to the upper right corner under the top anta. From the right three half-size adult (two male and one female) and a smaller child worshippers approach with their right hands raised towards the larger figure of the goddess. For the right side of a companion to the Soane fragment, showing two of these worshippers, see the following (Soane fragment M1149/Vermeule 295).

Artemis had a variety of cults in Attica, from Aulis to the Piraeus, as the similar votive reliefs to the Thracian goddess Artemis Bendis indicate3.

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A. Michaelis, Ancient Marbles in Great Britain, trans. C.A.M. Fennell, Cambridge, 1882, p. 476, no. 19.

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