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Bust of Dione, after an original in the British Museum

Plaster cast

Museum number: L82

Curatorial note

This is a cast of an ancient marble in the British Museum, today identified as a head from a statue of Venus or Aphrodite (BM number 1805,0703.54), which is a 'Roman version of a Greek type of the 4th century BC, restored and reworked in the 18th century'. It was acquired by the British Museum in 1805 from the collection of Charles Townley. It is interesting that the British Museum website comments that Charles Townley described the marble as ‘A Head of Juno' (1804 Parlour Catalogue, street parlour 7). When it was acquired by the BM the reciept, according to their website described it as ‘Juno Placida’ (TY 18/6), but that was later revised to ‘Dione’ (Ancient Marbles of the British Museum), the description Soane uses. This probably indicates that Soane acquired his version after 1805 and from a seller who had obtained a cast from the British Museum and then modelled this 'restored' version of it for sale.

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