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Mvsevm Florentinvm exhibens insigniora vetvstatis monvmenta qvae Florentiae svnt Ioanni Gastoni magno dvci dedicatvm.
Florentiae, ex typographia Michaelis Nestenus et Francisci Moücke,, 1731--66.
12 vols ; 47.0 cm. (2º)
Vol. 1 (1731): LII, 185, [19] p., C pl.
2 (1732): XXXVI, 158, [16] p., C pl.
3 (1734): XXXV, [1],111, [1] p., C pl.
4 (1740): XXII, [2] p., [121] pl.
5 (1740): XXXX, 205, [3] p.: ill.
6 (1742): LII, 274, [2] p.
7 (1752): [5], VIII-XV, [1], 274, [2] p., [55] ports.
8 (1754): VII, [1], 313, [3] p., [55] ports.
9 (1756): VII, [1], 326, [2] p., [55] ports.
10 (1762): VII, [1], 313, [1] p., [55] ports.
11 (1764): [6], IV, L, [4], LVIII p., [50] ports.
12 (1766): [6], L, [4], LVIII p., [50] ports.

Imprint varies: vols. 2--6: Florentiae: ex typographia Francisci Moücke; vols 7--12: Firenze: nella stamperia Moückiana. The twelve volumes are arranged in five sections, the first three sections (vols 1--2; 3; 4--6) on gems, with text in Latin by Antonio Francesco Gori; the fourth (vols 7--10) on portraits, with text in Italian by Francesco Moücke; and the last (vols 11--12) on self-portraits, with text in Italian by Orazio Marrini. An extraordinarily large proportion of the plates, as well as the engraved ornaments that occur throughout vols 1--6, are signed by the artist Giovanni-Domenico Campiglia. The title given above is a series title, taken from the additional title-leaves to vols. 1-4 and used here (as in BM Cat.) to describe the entire set. Volumes 7--10 have a vernacular version beginning Museo Fiorentino ... . Volumes 11--12 (each divided into parts 1--2) have no series title-leaf but, in the titles that they do have, are described as a continuation to Museo Fiorentino. All the additional titles, plus the title to vol. 11 and an additional dedicatory title-leaf in vol. 12, are printed in red and black. Nestenus is credited in the imprint to vol. 1 only. Francesco Moücke's name appears alone in all subsequent imprints, although the colophon to vols 1--3 and 5-6 reads 'Florentiae Excusum (...) Sumptibus Sociorum Nobilium Florentinorum ... ' and the dedication in vol. 7 is signed 'I Nuovi Soci Del Museo Fiorentino'. Volumes 5--6 have colophons dated one year later than their imprints (i.e. 1741 and 1743 respectively).

Copy Notes Imperfect; wanting vol. 2, pl. LXX. Volume 2, pl. LV misbound before pl. LIV and vol. 5, sig. K (pp. 73-80) misbound after sig. G (pp. 49-56). Six volumes were purchased from Thomas Boone for 8 guineas on 5 February 1808 (Spiers Box, Boone) and returned to William Boone on 6 March 1822 for the same price (Priv. Corr. XVI.E.4.8), presumably after the present complete set was acquired.

Binding Bound as a twelve-volume set in C19th diced russia, thick gilt-ruled borders and spines, direct-lettered spine title 'Museum / Florentinum / Vol / I (--XII)' and short section title as appropriate.

Reference Number 2848

Additional Names Thomas Boone; Gori, Antonio Francesco (1691--1757); Marrini, Orazio (1722--1790); Moücke, Francesco; Museo Fiorentino; Medici, House of - Art collections; William Boone

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