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NARDINI, Famiano (d. 1661)
[Roma antica. 1666]
Roma antica di Famiano Nardini. Alla Santità di N.S. Alessandro VII.
In Roma, Per il Falco. A spese di Biagio Diversino, e Felice Cesaretti,, 1666.
3 pts ; 21.8 cm. (4º)
[1]: [20], 546, [2] p., [10] etch. pl. : wdcut illus.
[2]: 32 p., [4] fold. etch. pl.
[3]: 12 p. : wdcut illus.

Second issue of the first edition of this influential description and history of ancient Rome, first published 1665 (see Schudt 747). Parts [2--3] are preceded by a fly-title 'Discorso D'Ottavio Falconieri Intorno alla Piramide di C. Cestio, ... [and] Lettera del medesimo Al Signor Carlo Dati Sopra l'Iscrizione d'vn Mattone cauato ... l'anno 1661.' These two works have separate paginations and registers (*--****4; a4 b2) and may have been available for separate purchase, but are invariably found appended to the present edition of Nardini's Roma antica. Falconieri edited the whole, signing the dedication to the Pope (pp. [iii--vi]), and lamenting Nardini's death in 1661 in his address to the reader (pp. [x--xiii]). In part [1], three of the etched plates are double page size, and like three of the single page plates are here inserted as folding. In part [2], one of the plates consists of two copperplate impressions (both elevations of the pyramid). Schudt 748.

Copy Notes Unsigned 14-line MS. note in ink in a C18th hand (not Soane's) beginning The Temple of Janus was a square/ piece of building, some say of entire/ brass ... bound in to face p. 252. Earlier library shelfmark '9 b' marked in ink at head of spine. Bought in Paris by E. Conduitt from J. Salmon, marchand d'estampes, 7 Boulevard Montmartre for 100Fr, September 1819. (Priv. Corr. XVI.B.4.2). Soane visited Paris with William Pilkington, Mr and Mrs Conduitt and Henry Parke from 21 August to 23 September 1819.

Binding C18th vellum, dyed red over framed gilt spine-title, blue sponged text block edges.

Reference Number 2856

Additional Names Falconieri, Ottavio (1646--1676); Dati, Carlo Roberto (1619--1675); Conduitt, Edward; J.$Salmon

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