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Ceremonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde representées par des figures dessinées de la main de Bernard Picard: avec une explication historique, & quelques dissertations curieuses. ...
A Amsterdam, chez J.F. Bernard,, 1723--43.
9 vols ; 45.5 cm. (2º)
I: (1723): [10], XXXVIII, [10], 66, [4], 69--153, [1], 206, [4] p., engr. frontis., [35] pl. (3 fold.) : illus.
II: (1723): [4], 162, 165-197, [1], 104 p., [27] pl.
III: (1733): 396 p., [19] pl. : illus.
IV: (1736): [6], 2, 5--348, 13, [3] p., [13] pl. : illus.
V: (1737): [4], 291, [1], 32, 160 p., [26] pl. : illus.
[VI]: (1723): [4], 164, CLXV--VIII, 165--211, [1], 49, [3], 77, [3], 83--150, [2] p., [45] pl. : illus.
[VII]: (1728): [4], 232, 235--386, 38, 84, [2] p., [58] pl. : illus.
VII,ii: (1743): [16], 288 p., 5 pl. : illus.
VIII: (1743): [8], 120, [6], 164 [i.e. 184] p. (pp. 183--4 misnumbered 163--4), [22] pl.

Volumes I and [VI] include divisional title-leaves to the 'Seconde Partie' of each. Volumes [VI]--[VII,i] were published as vols I--II of a parallel series, Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses des peuples idolatres .... Title-pages printed in red and black. The occasional illustrations in the letterpress are generally positioned as head-pieces. The diminishing contribution of Picart (corrected from 'Picard' after 1723) is witnessed by alterations to the title-pages to vols IV--V ('... Picart, &c.') and VII,ii--VIII ('... Picart, et autres'). The whole was apparently edited by Antoine Augustin Bruzen de La Martinière and the publisher Jean Frédéric Bernard. Volume V (the seventh to appear) was intended to conclude the series and contains an extensive index. However, in 1741 Rollin in Paris published a seven-volume rival edition as Histoire générale des cérémonies, moeurs et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde ..., the text edited and with extensive additions by Antoine Banier (1673--1741) and Jean-Baptiste Le Mascrier (1697--1760). Bernard had already begun reprinting the earlier volumes and was stimulated to re-assert his monopoly on Continental editions (an English version notwithstanding) by publishing two further volumes in 1743. 'Tome Septieme Seconde Partie' contains the material Banier and Le Mascrier added to the Paris edition (which is nevertheless heavily criticised in the preface) and vol. VIII is devoted to the comparative study of religious practice. The numbering of these two volumes was intended to encourage owners of the Paris edition to add to their sets the last Amsterdam volume. Brunet treats two more volumes published by Bernard, Superstitions anciennes et modernes, 1733--6 (q.v.), as a second supplement, but although this was sometimes treated by purchasers as vols X--XI of Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses, and bound accordingly (e.g. the Soane and Grenville copies), Bernard omits it from his own description of the latter in the preface to vol. VII,ii.

Thomas Grenville's copy of the Cérémonies in the British Library (shelfmark G.12115--22) has a variant state of the 'Explication' to the first plate in vol. I (which has four designs illustrating pp. VII, XVIII, XX and XXV). It is printed over four pages correctly numbered XXXIX--XLII, whereas in the Soane copy it occupies two pages only, the second signed 'H' on the recto and numbered '52' on the verso. The two sets are of comparable quality, and as a gloss on the prices given by Brunet it is worth quoting Grenville's note tipped into vol. I: 'This is the finest Copy of the impressions that I have seen. The book has encreased in value. The La Valliere copy sold at that sale for 1450 francs, was sold again at a sale in Paris in 1837 for 3003 francs'. A copy similar to the Grenville copy has been digitized by the UCLA Digital Library Program in collaboration with the Getty Research Institute, Utrecht University and the Huntington Library: http://digital2.library.ucla.edu/picart/index.html. (Accessed 19 April 2010.)

Copy Notes Imperfect; vol. [VI] wanting the fly-title-leaf to the 'Dissertation Sur Les Moeurs ... Des Bramines'. In vol. I, the penultimate leaf (continuing the errata on leaf Fff2) is misbound after the general preface, and the half-title to the third dissertation is misbound before the 'Suite De La Troisieme Dissertation ... '. Final plate in vol. V hand-coloured. Most of the volumes have signs of a removed or lost bookplate, but that of John Towneley (1697--1782) survives in volumes I--II. Superstitions anciennes et modernes, 1733--6 (q.v.) bound as 'Tom. X (--XI)' of the set. Soane's set was simply described as 'Large Paper, very fine copy red morocco' in the sale catalogue of the John Towneley collection, Bibliotheca Towneleiana, pt 1, June 1814 (lot 430); it is not known whether it was purchased by Soane on that occasion or later. Volumes I--[VII,ii] bound (as 'Tom. I--VIII') for Marie-Sophie-Honorate Colbert de Seignelay, Duchess of Montmorency-Luxembourg (d. 1747), first wife of Charles-François, Duke of Piney-Luxembourg (1702--1764). All volumes inscribed in pencil on front free-endpaper Q.2-.

Binding C18th red morocco, elaborately gilt-tooled borders, frames and spines, with the Duchess of Montmorency-Luxembourg's oval armorial device and surrounding leaf garland gilt-stamped and centred on upper and lower covers (illustrated in J. Guigard, Nouvel armorial du bibliophile, Paris, 1890, vol. 1, p. 187). Each volume has two contemporary orange morocco short-title spine-labels, gilt lettering. The other five compartments, like the frame decorations and the armorial bearing, feature a serpent or rampant lion. Gilt dentelles, blue moiré silk endpapers and ribbon markers. Text block gilt-edged, apparently over sponged colour. Volumes [VII,ii] and VIII (as 'Tom. VIII--IX') are bound in imitation of the earlier volumes, in red morocco decorated with similar but not identical tools and without the armorial centre-piece.

Reference Number 3023

Additional Names Picart, Bernard (1673--1733); Bernard, Jean Frédéric (d.$1752); Bruzen de la Martinière, Antoine Augustin (1662--1746); Simon, Richard (1638--1712); Leon of Modena (1571--1648); Dupin, Louis Ellies (1657--1719); Paris, François de (1690--1727); Lord, Henry (1563--1630?); Rogerius, Abraham (d.$1649); Bouchet, Jean Venant (1655--1732); Banier, Antoine (1673--1741); Le Mascrier, Jean Baptiste (1697--1760); Lucotte du Tilliot, Jean Bénigne; Abbadie, Jacques (1654--1727); Towneley, John (1731--1813); Colbert de Seignelay, Marie-Sophie-Honorate, Duchess of Montmorency-Luxembourg (d.$1747)

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