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The Mirror of literature, amusement and instruction. [No. 246. March 31, 1827; no. 598. April 6, 1833.]
[London]:, printed and published by J. Limbird, 143, Strand; and sold by all newsmen and booksellers,, 1827. [1831.]
23.0 cm. (8°)

Printed and published by J. Limbird, London. The Mirror was a weekly (later monthly) magazine of literature and culture founded in 1822 by the printer and bookseller John Limbird under the editorship of Thomas Byerley until his death in July 1826, and later of John Timbs from September 1827 to 1838. The numbers consisted of 16 pages octavo and were collected in volumes (two annually), containing a selection of extracts and short articles. Its popularity was partly due to the inclusion of one or more wood-engraved illustrations in each number.

Copy Notes Copy 1: No. 246 for Saturday, March 31, 1827 (Vol. IX.). Leading illustrated article on 'St. George, Camberwell, Surrey.' extracted from the Gentleman's Magazine. St. George, Camberwell, was built to designs by Francis Octavius Bedford in 1822--24 and declared redundant in 1972.
Copy 2: No. 598 for Saturday, April 6, 1833 (Vol. XXI.). Leading article on 'The Soanean Museum.', prompted by the proceedings in Parliament relating to the Act for Settling and Preserving Sir John Soane's Museum, which received royal assent on 20 April 1833, with a large cover wood-engraving of the 'Sarcophagus Room' and another of the 'Alabaster Sarcophagus', adapted from John Britton's The union of architecture, sculpture, and painting (q.v.). With deletions in ink on the first page of text to highlight the first paragraph of text and related footnote praising the 'munificent bequest' and quoting an excerpt from Soane's twelfth and last lecture at the Royal Academy on 21 March. Marks of emphasis in pencil throughout the article. Bound after a presentation copy of T.L. Donaldson, A review of the professional life of Sir John Soane, 1837 with a collection of miscellaneous items relating to Soane.
Copy 3: Pages [209]--214 only of no. 598 (see copy 2) containing the article on the 'Soanean Museum'. The leaves individually tipped into an album of 'Newspaper Cuttings of Sir John's own Time' probably compiled by A.T. Bolton after 1906.

Binding Copy 1: Pamphlet, pinned.

Reference Number 5901

Additional Names Gentleman's magazine: and historical review; Timbs, John (1801--1875); St.$George, Camberwell

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