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CAMPORESE, Giuseppe (1763--1822)
[Prospetti, spaccati, piante di monumenti]
[Rome]:, [between 1801 and 1807?].
[18] aquat. pl. ; 37.0 x 53.2 cm. (oblong 4°)

The unnumbered plates, signed 'Giuseppe Camporesi Archto. Accadco. inv. e inc.' and scaled in palmi Romani, depict six projects each represented by an elevation, a section and a plan, as follows: a bath, a country house, a coffee house, a monument commemorating the peace of 1801, a domed temple as a sculpture gallery to house the works of Canova, and a triumphal arch. These are listed in the order in which they are bound, however the plan of the bath is bound first in the suite while its elevation and section are placed last. The 12 elevations and sections are printed in bistre; the 6 plans in black. No date of publication is given, but a date between 1801 and 1807 may be suggested by the presence of the designs for the monument commemorating the peace (presumably the Treaty of London, signed 30 September 1801 which led to the short-lived Peace of Amiens the following year), and the dedication of the elevation of the country house to 'S.E. il Sigr. de Budberg, Consigliere privato di S.M.I. l'Imperatore di tutte le Russie, suo Ambasciatore Straordo. ...', i.e. the Russian diplomat Count Andrei Yakovlevich Budberg (1750--1812), who was appointed to the State Council by Tsar Alexander I in 1804 and retired from politics in 1807. Only four other copies of the suite are recorded: two at the Avery Library, one with only nine plates, the other with nineteen not including the three of the bath but with four unnumbered plates of fountain designs not in the Soane copy; and two copies at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome, one containing twenty-two plates containing additional projects and fountains; the other containg forty-eight plates. During the period of French rule, from 1801 to 1814, Camporese [or Camporesi] was one of the key architectural figures in Rome; thereafter he was Superintendent for the Conservation of Museums and Antiquities under Canova and Carlo Fea.

Copy Notes Sold at Christie's John Sanders sale (q.v.), lot 87 on the third day, and bought by Soane from T. & W. Boone for £1 15s. with G. Valadier's Progetti architectonici (q.v.) on 19 April 1826. (Spiers Box, books bought from Thomas Boone). John Sanders (1768--1826) was Soane's first pupil, entering his office in 1784 and leaving in 1790. Sanders travelled in Italy between 1817 and 1819. The front wrapper is inscribed in ink 3/87/2.

Binding C19th blue paper wrappers.

Reference Number 6396

Additional Names T. & W.$Boone; Christie, James, the younger (1773--1831); Sanders, John (1768--1826); Canova, Antonio (1757--1822); Budberg, Count Andrei Yakovlevich (1750--1812); Camporesi, Giuseppe (1763--1822)

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