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MARIETTE, Jean (1654--1742)
L'architecture a la mode ou sont les nouveaux dessins pour la décoration des bâtimens et iardins. Par les plus habils architectes sculpteurs peintres menüisiers iardiniers serruriers &c.
A Paris, chez N. Langlois rüe St. Jacques a la Victoire au coin de la rüe de la Parcheminerie [c. 1710]
engr. title-pl, [131] pl. ; 30.3 cm. (2°)

Most of the plates in the compilation of engravings L'architecture à la mode were first issued by Nicholas I Langlois in the late 1680s (see Guilmard, no. 78, pp. 113--14 and the note to BAL 1795). At some stage, likely before 1692, Langlois collected together numerous sets of ornament prints from his stock and added a title-plate, initially penciling the title onto the masked central area of a grotto plate from one of the constituent suites by Fanelli and later printing it into the blocked-out space from a smaller engraved plate. From one volume the collection grew to two and finally three volumes. There was no table of contents and copies are rarely identical, but usually contain the same suites in different orders and with omissions or variant impressions. After the death of Nicolas I Langlois in 1703 the remainder of this first edition was acquired by his son Nicolas II Langlois, who added several new series such as the suite of garden designs by Michel Le Bouteux.

In about 1710 the stock was inherited by Nicolas II's half-brother Jean Mariette, who continued to issue sets of the Architecture à la mode, again modernising it with new series of plates (see Guilmard no. 105, pp. 130--31); the publication continues to figure in surviving stock lists of Mariette's son and successor, Pierre-Jean Mariette. Finally the Mariette copper plates of ornament and architecture were acquired in 1752 by Charles-Antoine Jombert, who reissued many of them in his Répertoire des artistes, 2 vols, Paris 1765 (q.v.). We are grateful to Peter Fuhring for drawing our attention to his article on the publication history of the Architecture à la mode: see Peter Fuhring, 'From commerce to fashion', in Reinier Baarsen (ed.), Het Nederlandse binnenhuis gaat zich te buiten (Leiden 2007), pp. 146—164.

The presence of Mariette's imprint on about half of the suites in the Soane copy suggests that it belongs to the second edition issued from c. 1710. The inclusion of Miscellaneæ picturæ ... à Raphaële Vrbinate elaboratæ (q.v.) as the final suite in the collection may suggest that the Soane copy dates from 1716 or after, after the death of Jean Mariette's father, Pierre II Mariette. (See notes to BAL, Early printed books, no. 2712.)

The Soane has only one volume, containing most of the suites of the third volume as described by Guilmard. The copy described in Millard I, 86, also with the imprint of Langlois and including a majority of plates with the imprint of Mariette, has a completely different set of suites from the Soane copy.

The various suites combined in this one volume are catalogued in more detail under their respective authors or titles. They are arranged as follows, with references to the pencil numbers added on the versos of the plates by Wyatt Papworth:

Engraved title-plate reading as above, within a decorative frame printed from a separate copper with an engraved number 5 in the lower right corner (pencil number 1)

Le Bouteux, Michael, Plans et dessins nouueau de jardinage du Sr le Bouteux ... (pencil numbers 2--11; q.v.)

Le Nôtre, André, [Parterres, plat-bandes, &c.] (pencil numbers 12--23; q.v.)

[Jardins à la Française] (pencil numbers 24 --29; q.v.)

Le Nôtre, André, [Parterres de broderie, &c.] (pencil numbers 30--39; q.v.)

Le Blond, Alexandre Jean-Baptiste, [Parterres de Broderie, de gazon, &c.] (pencil numbers 40--49; q.v.)

Le Blond, Alexandre Jean-Baptiste, [Escaliers de jardins] (pencil numbers 50--54, 57; q.v.)

Le Blond, Alexandre Jean-Baptiste, [Pavillons en treillage] (pencil numbers 55, 56, 58--61; q.v.)

Le Pautre, Jean, [Pavillons en treillage] (pencil numbers 62--67; q.v.)

Single double-page plate of a trellis-work pavilion with an arched centre flanked by domed wings, with the imprint of N. Langlois rüe St. Jacques (pencil number 68)

[Bosquets] (pencil numbers 69--74; q.v.)

Le Pautre, Jean, [Sujets mythologiques dan des jardiins] (pencil numbers 76--81; q.v.)

Fanelli, Francesco, Dessins de grottes (pencil numbers 82--86; q.v.)

Fanelli, Francesco, Fontaines et jets d'eau (pencil numbers 87--102; q.v.)

Dessins de divers ornemens et moulures antiques et modernes (pencil numbers 103--109; q.v.)

Errard, Charles, Ornamens des appartemens de la reine au vieux Louvre (pencil numbers 110--115; q.v.).

Raphael Sanzio, Miscellaneæ picturæ vulgo grotesqves in spelæi Vaticanis à Raphaële Vrbinate elaboratæ, et à F. De la Guertiere (pencil numbers 116--132; q.v.)

Copy Notes A strip, probably originally containing a manuscript volume statement, has been excised from the lower part of the title-plate above the imprint. Inscribed in ink on front pastedown M - e; with a list of the contents in pencil dated 31 July 1893 and initialled W.P. (Wyatt Papworth) pasted down on the front free endpaper, corresponding to running numbers pencilled on the verso of the plates. Bought through John Williams at the sale of the library of John Nash on 20 July 1835 (q.v.), lot 151 for £3 11s. (Spiers Box, Purchases through personal friends; Curatorial Papers: Bailey, outsize box 16).

Binding C18th sprinkled calf, gilt tooled spine, red morocco spine-label gilt lettered 'Architec/ A La/ Mode', blind lettered 'Tome/ II', circular paper spine-label numbered in ink '151'.

Reference Number 6495

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