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A south Italian (Apulian) bell krater (wine bowl)

Second half 4th century BC
Apulian 'Pure Style'

A Greek provincial vase made in a Greek colony in southern Italy.

Black on red clay

Height: 29cm, maximum
Diameter: 29cm

Museum number: L40

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 529help-vermeule-catalogue-number

On display: Library-Dining Room
All spaces are in No. 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields unless identified as in No. 12, Soane's first house. For tours https://www.soane.org/your-visit

Curatorial note

Side A
A woman stands right in long, high girt chiton facing a nude youth, himation over the left arm, standing left. The woman holds a festive cushion and is surrounded by other celebrative implements. The man holds a patera in his raised right hand, a long thrysos transversally in the left.

Side B
Two youths stand facing, clad in long himations; there is a stele between. The youth at the right holds a patera between them in his extended right hand.

Laurel and fillet border below lip; dentil and palmette at handles; and filleted meander groundline border.

This vase is of a very common 'pure' Apulian shape and decoration and is probably contemporary with the work of the Darius Painter.

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