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An Apulian (Greek) skyphos (two-handled deep wine cup) attributed to the 'Wellcome painter'

Second quarter 4th century BC

Made in a Greek colony in southern Italy.

Black glaze on red clay

Height: 19cm
Diameter (including handles): 33cm
Diameter (excluding handles): 22cm

Museum number: L11

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 528help-vermeule-catalogue-number

On display: Library-Dining Room
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Curatorial note

Side A: Girl in loose, sleeveless chiton, girt about the waist, with spray in right hand, standing facing and looking left, beside a stele at the right; either side, rising from ground line, two sprays.

Side B: Nude youth standing facing and looking left; he holds a staff in the left hand. There are a strygil on the wall behind his left shoulder and sprays rising either side from the ground line.

Large palmettes beneath handles; two thin border lines near the foot.

Although close parallels appear few, this skyphos may be compared with an example in the Nicholson Museum, Sydney (no. 4906.11); also with the skyphos Bologna, CV Poland, pl.85, G. and Capua, CV, pl.40, 5, 6. Dr. Cambitoglou suggests attribution of the last two vases to the same hand and feels inclined to connect these vases with the Iliupersis painter (see Trendall, Handbook to Nicholson Museum, 2nd Ed., p.324). Vases of this sort provided the models for the Roccanova painter.

The latest attribution for this skyphos is to the Wellcome Painter: see A. Cambitoglou, A.D. Trendall, Apulian Red-Figured Vase-Painters of the Plain Style, The Archaeological Institute of America, Monographs X, 1961, p.75, no.2. Side A (termed the reverse) is illustrated as fig. 196 on Plate XXXIX.


Description, 1833, p.1 (French sec.).

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