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Office over the Reduced Annuity Office, 1816 (34)

A new office was begun on 9 June 1816, placed directly over the Reduced Annuities Office.

The building was a rectangular room on a north-south axis, along the western wall of the Bank. A chimney-piece was placed at both ends and the room was covered by a conventional pitched roof. The floor of the upper office had to be raised slightly from the structure of the Reduced Annuities Office's roof below, so that the latter would not have to be altered.

The stair leading up to the Cheque Office was located among the Director's Offices, to the west of the Committee Room (see drawing SM 9/4/12, drawing 4 in 3:13).

See SM 9/2/2, drawing 1 in 5:2, for an elevation of the bank showing the office.

The site record drawings (from drawing 5 onwards) are unusual. Detailed, clearly drawn in a diagramatic way, some of the detail may have been added from working drawings rather than entirely drawn (and measured) on site. The style of draughtsmanship is that of a manual of building construction.

Matilda Burn 2010