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1817-1833 Rebuilding of offices in the south-east and the façade, temporary office spaces and presentation drawings (219)

From 1817 to 1823 Soane rebuit two of the transfer halls in the east wing, completing his total replacement of Taylor's east wing (aside from the entrance vestibule to Bartholomew Lane).
Economic conditions were more favourable in 1823 and in May of that year the Bank's director's gave Soane their approval for repairing the old façades built by Robert Taylor on Threadneedle Street, Princes Street and Bartholomew Lane (originally built in 1768 and c.1785). Eventually, as the wall's poor conditions were revealed, the directors were influenced to approve the complete replacement of the walls, as well as the reconstruction of the façade to George Sampson's entrance building (1734). After the façade was rebuilt, Soane made alterations to the surrounding streets, thereby improving the approach to his newly-clad edifice.

From 1826 to 1829, Soane was occupied with building the Bank of England branches in eleven towns. Designs for the branches are not a part of this catalogue.

Madeleine Helmer, 2011