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Copies of a design for an unidentified mausoleum on an X-plan, 1779-1780, with perspective by J.M.Gandy of a variant design, 1798-1800 (6)

The original drawings from which these record drawings (Nos 3 and 4 dated September 1796) were made do not survive and exactly when Soane made this design is uncertain. However both plan and elevation are very close to those for the 'Castello d'acqua' design made in 1779-80 (q.v.) which in turn owes something to the plan form of the mausoleum for James King (q.v.) as well as some of the elevational treatment in the early designs for the so-called Chatham mausoleum (q.v.). Could the design have been exhibited at the Royal Academy in either 1784 or 1792? In both years Soane exhibited a design for a mausoleum that has not yet been identified.

Literature. P. du Prey, John Soaneā€™s architectural education 1753-80, 1977, pp.138-9 (relates it to the so-called Chatham mausoleum)

Jill Lever, August-September 2005