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Silver-gilt tankard


Museum number: X309

Curatorial note

One of a pair with X310.

Soane's Will refers to his plate, including these mugs.

Soane’s Will of 11 May 1833, after directing where he should be buried, reads ‘I direct that my gold medal received of the Royal Academy as the prize for the best architectural design and my diamond ring which was present from the Emperor of Russia and my gold ring with the hair of Napoleon Buonaparte therein and my plate shall be considered and kept as heir looms in my family as far as the rules of law will allow and for that purpose that my grandson John Soane hereinafter named shall have the use thereof during his life and after his decease that the same shall be delivered over to which one of his sons shall first attain the age of twenty one years’.

In a Second Codicil to his Will dated 22 August 1836 Soane directed that his plate then at the Museum (except the large silver urn and silver tureen, the silver gilt lamp from an antique design and two silver mugs which shall belong to the Museum for ever) be retained until his grandson John Soane is 25 years, then be delivered to him if alive and preserved and considered in the nature of heirlooms. [John Soane died just before he reached 25 so didn’t get these, but its clear (see below) that he did get the diamond ring and probably therefore the Napoleon one as well.]

Associated objects

X310, pair

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