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Fragment of a metal jug (see also L123, S130, S131)

Museum number: S132

Curatorial note

Soane purchased these fragments at the Belzoni sale in 1822, no doubt believing that they were ancient Egyptian. However, they are almost certainly from a medieval jug, probably 14th century, perhaps dropped by a European soldier or trader.

Provenance help-art-provenance

Purchased by John Soane at the Belzoni sale, 8 June 1822, held by the auctioneer John Robins at the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly. This sale represented the dispersal of the exhibits from the Belzoni exhibition at the Egyptian Hall which opened to the public on 1 May 1821 and closed in June 1822 when this sale took place. Soane's copy of the Sale Catalogue is in the Soane Museum collection. SM S130, S131 and S132 formed the first part of Lot 42: A very fine Specimen of the Neck and Cover to a jug, in metal, with the handle and bottom (in three parts) from the Oasis of Ammon; and a Head with a wreath, found in Thebes; about Six Specimens of Nails, and four Frills, found in Beronessa on the Red Sea. Soane purchased only the jug fragments but not the head, nails or Frills (the lot is carefully annotated in his copy of the Sale Catalogue with the relevant part of the lot underlined).

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