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image M1162.E



Height: 21cm
Width: 21cm

Museum number: M1162.E

Vermeule catalogue number: Vermeule 471help-vermeule-catalogue-number

Curatorial note

A half-draped woman kneeling right, right hand holding the edge of a basket of fruit from which a phallos emerges. With left hand she tugs at the end of the chiton of a female figure running away right, right hand trying to free her drapery, left raised in a gesture of repulsion.

Group IV: Cresting Plaque.

This fragment is part of a composition which includes an Ithyphallic Satyr approaching from the left and is best illustrated in a nearly complete plaque in the Louvre1.

Along the South Wall of the South Passage beneath the Old Students' Room are two casts - one coloured terracotta red, the other yellow, of a related relief in the British Museum2 which also illustrates the early Imperial penchant for these Bacchic scenes in a certain class of household decoration.

1 H. Von Rohden and H. Winnefeld, Die antiken Terracotten (Architektomische römische Tonreliefs der Kaiserzeit), vol. IV, pp. 52-54, p. 299, pl. CXXIII.
2 Von Rohden and Winnefeld, op. cit., Die antiken Terracotten (Architektomische römische Tonreliefs der Kaiserzeit), vol. IV, pl.c.; BM Terracotta D522, 'Satyr, Eros and Maenad', acquired from the Townley Collection in 1805 (BM registration no. 1805.0703.341).

Provenance help-art-provenance

See Vermeule 459 (M1162.A).

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