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SOANE, Sir John (1753--1837)
Designs for public and private buildings. 1828
Designs for public and private buildings, by John Soane, professor of architecture in the Royal Academy, one of the architects attached to His Majesty's Office of Works, architect to the Bank of England, F.R.S.
--R.A.--F.S.A. Member of the academies of painting, sculpture and architecture, in Parma and Florence. ...

London:, published by Priestley and Weale, Rodwell, Colnaghi, East and Ridgway,, 1828.
[2], [v]-vi, 36 p., etch.-t.-pl., 54 [i.e. 55] etch. pl.; 47.5 cm. (2°)

According to Soane, this work was 'intended as a continuation of the Designs for Public Improvements' (q.v.). It was printed by James Moyes whose imprint appears on the verso of the half-title and in the colophon at the foot of page 36. The title-plate was designed by Soane in January 1828 (reproduced by Robin Middleton, 'The history of John Soane's 'Designs for Public and Private Buildings', Burlington Magazine, August 1996, figs. 8--10; and Millard II, p. 285). The contract between Soane and Priestley and Weale for the publication of Designs for Public and Private Buildings, dated January 24, is published in Bolton, Portrait, pp. 443--44. See BAL, Early printed books, no. 3092. There are several unpublished variants in the Soane Museum both of the published edition of the Designs for public and private buildings and of a privately circulated enlarged version dating from 1832 (for details of the latter see Robin Middleton's article cited above and copy notes below relating to copies 5-9).

Copy Notes Copy 1 (Soane case 121): This is the only copy of the published version of this work in the Soane Museum. According to a pencil inscription in C. J. Richardson's hand on the title-page, it was 'Bought of Mr Williams/ Charles St Soho/ Thursday April 28 1836/ Price 2..16..0.', that is John Williams of The Library of Fine Arts, publisher and bookseller (fl. 1831--43). There is a letter to John Williams from W. H. Reid of 15 Charing Cross dated 17 April 1836 informing him that he had 'no other Coppers [or Copies] of Sir John Soane's Designs for Public & Private buildings except the fifty six coppers now delivered to you for £84.0.0'. (Priv. Corr. XVI.D.1.27). Many of the plates are incorrectly numbered; plate 11 is lacking and the numbered pl. 1 was probably intended to be 11; the unnumbered and uncaptioned plate of the Scala Reggia does not correspond to pl. 20 of the Scala Reggia in other copies. The plates in this copy are interleaved. Williams' letter strongly suggests that Soane was still actively pursuing the idea of publishing a new 'trade' edition as late as 1836 and that the interleaving and 'disturbed' numbering of the plates in this copy is evidence of this intention.
Copies 2 and 3 (Soane Case 120, 122): With the title-plate dated 1828, but without a publisher's imprint. The plate and page numbers of pl. 31 corrected in ink; pl. 21* follows pl. 31; pl. 41, page 27 corrected in ink. These are probably printer's proof copies.
Copy 4 (Soane Case 119): As for copies 2 and 3 but with the addition of a dedication to the King signed and dated Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, 1828, and 'Explanatory Illustrations, Etc. Of The Designs For Public Improvements In London And Westminster.' The latter consists of a sectional title, 'Index To The Notes', and text paginated: [4], 38--77, [1] p. (see Middleton, 'Appendix', no. 6). With two additional plates loosely inserted: a plan of Westminster Hall 'Plate XA at Page IX' and the 'Retiring Room for the Judges of the Court of Kings Bench' and a 'View of the Lord Chancellor's Retiring Room','Plate 13 at Page 13'.
Copy 5 (Soane Case 125): With collation: [13], viii-xiv, [2], 67. [1] p., 56 (i.e 77) pl. This is a printer's mock-up for the enlarged version of 1832 (cf. copies 6-9 below); described on the paper label pasted down on the front cover as `Imperfect/ Rough Copy'. Pasted down on the front paste-down endpaper is a MS. list of plates concluding with the following notes: in black ink 'The Above his [sic] a corect [sic] Number of/ Plates used for the work entitled/ Public & private Buildings/ taken Jany 10/34' and in red ink in C. J. Richardson's hand '∫ I F All those ticked at the side/ thus √ are lithographs, the rest are/ copper'. Inscribed on the verso of the front free endpaper Bust/ of/ Sir John Soane/ to face/ the Title. The title is printed in letterpress without a publisher's imprint and without an engraved surround. Following the dedication to King William IV is a single leaf of letterpress explaining that 'The Original Drawings, together with a Copy of ... Designs for Public and Private Buildings' were presented to George IV whose flattering approbation induced Soane '... to make many very considerable alterations and improvements in the Work ...' and to dedicate it to William IV who 'spontaneously' knighted him. This text was subsequently reset and added to the end of the 'Introduction' (see copies 7-9 below [Soane Case 124/1, 124/2, 123]). The final page [67] bears the imprint of James Moyes at Castle Street, Leicester Square, his new address from around 1831. The etched title-plate of A Brief Statement ... respecting the New Law Courts is inserted opposite page 9 between plate X and XA; this is not included in the list of plates. Imperfect; wanting p. 35-36. There is a newspaper clipping about the Bank of England loosely inserted at page 58. See Middleton, 'Appendix', no. 11.
Copy 6 (Soane Case 87): Pages 58--60 [only?] with pl. XLVIII* (hand-coloured), XLVIII**, XLVIII***. The plates are identical to those in copy 5 (Soane Case 125). Note that the shaded portion of the New Bank Buildings shown at the bottom of plate XLVIII***, which was proposed to be demolished, is removed from the plate in copies 7, 8, 9. The setting of the letterpress is the same as copy 5, except that the plate references are on the opposite side of the sheet. Page 60: the last 2 lines of para. 2 supplied in ink; the bottom of the page signed and dated in ink John Soane. Archt/ 27 Decr. 1831. The front cover with a paper label inscribed in ink by C. J. Richardson To/ The Honorable the Governor, Deputy/ Governor and Directors of the/ Bank of England./ Estimates & Report/ Relating to New Bank Buildings, &c/ 27th. December 1831.
Copy 7 (Soane Case 124/1): [2], xiv, [4], 67, [1] p., engr. frontis, engr. title-pl., LVI (i.e. 77) pl. This copy does not include the engraving of Chantrey's portrait bust of Soane made by C. Turner in February 1831 and first printed in November 1831. (Middleton, 'Appendix', no. 11). Copy 8 (Soane Case 124/2): engr. portrait frontis, engr. frontis., litho. title-pl., [2], xiv, [4], 67, [1] p., LVI (i.e. 77) pl.; 44.3 cm. With a loosely inserted litho title-plate on which is pasted a variant of the letterpress title including a lengthy quotation from Palladio at the bottom; the whole enclosed in a ruled frame. (Middleton, 'Appendix', no. 11). Copy 9 (Soane Case 123): Collation as copy 8. Mandelbrote Packet 22 contains a folder entitled 'Mr Soanes Designs for Public & Private Buildings/ 54 Plates'; there are infact 56 plates including the title-plate, oblong plate [8] bis and two unnumbered loose plates of churches. Most of these are proof plates with captions, plate and page numbers, and Soane's signature added in manuscript. Some plates, e.g. pl. 1, have additions in ink; pl. 19 (plan of the New Law Courts) is a drawing; pl. 13, the Court of Chancery, is an early state before figures were added; pl. 18 (plan of the New Law Courts) is different from the final version; pl. 31, p. 22 before the third image was added in the centre; final plate, Mrs Soane's monument, dated in letterpress May 1816.

Binding Copy 1: Original grey boards, maroon cloth spine, printed paper label reading 'Soane's Designs for Public and Private Buildings. Royal Folio. 56 Plates. Price 3£ 3s. 1828'. Copies 2 and 3: Full light brown calf, gilt and blind-ruled borders, corners gilt-tooled with scrolled floral ornament, top covers gilt-lettered 'Designs/For/Public And Private/ Buildings'; gilt-tooled spine, red morocco spine-label gilt-lettered 'Designs/ For/ Public/ & Private/ Buildings' and with the gilt-date '1828; gilt edges. Leighton & Son, Dr. Bookbinders, 54 Exmouth Street billed Soane on 4 June 1829 for '3 Designs for Public & Private Buildings folio Calf Extra Gilt Edges 4 10'. (Archives 7/10/5).
Copy 4: 19th-century russia, gilt-ruled and blind-tooled borders, gilt-ruled and gilt-lettered 'Designs/ For Public & Private Buildings' 'Explanatory/ Notes' modern repair; marbled edges. Copies 5-6: See copy notes.
Copy 7: C19th full brown calf, blind and gilt-ruled and tooled borders with gilt vine ornament and foliate gilt corners. The upper cover gilt-lettered 'Designs/ For/ Public & Private/ Buildings. By/ Sir John Soane Knt.' Spine gilt-tooled and ruled; gilt-lettered as above. Gilt edges. Copy 8: C19th brown paper boards, half maroon sheep spine and corners; spine gilt lettered 'Designs/ For Public/ & Private Buildings'. Copy 9: C19th full brown calf, blind and gilt-ruled and tooled borders, with gilt alternating floral ornament, foliate gilt corners as copy 7; gilt edges. Spine gilt-lettered as copy 8.

Reference Number 6556

Additional Names Moyes, James (1779--1838); Soane, Sir John (1753--1837); Soane, Sir John (1753--1837) - Portraits; Richardson, Charles James (1806--1871)

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