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VOLPATO, Giovanni (1735--1803)
[Portfolio of 35 engravings by Giovanni Volpato]
[35] engr. pl. ; 51.8 x 72.9 cm. (obl. 1º)

Thirty-five miscellaneous plates by the Venetian engraver Giovanni Volpato laid down on 33 leaves of an oblong folio album, probably assembled in Germany on the evidence of the watermark showing an upright wolf emblem with the initials 'IAV / WOLFEG', i.e. Joseph Anton Unold who owned paper mills in Wolfegg, Württemberg around 1740--1785. The contents are as follows:
1: portrait of Charles III of Spain after G.B. Tiepolo with dedication 'Al Genio Immortale Del Re Cattolico Carlo Terzo Questa Sua Opera e se medesimo Offre E Consacra il Conte Gazola', i.e. Felice Gazzola (1698--1780) who sponsored the first official drawings of the Doric temples at Paestum after their 'rediscovery' in the 1740s. Presumably intended for publication in his projected work on Paestum in collaboration with Paolo Antonio Paoli who eventually published the work after Gazzola's death as Rovine della città di Pesto detta ancora Posidonia, Rome 1784, where the same plate or a close copy is used with the dedication in Latin and signed with Paoli's initials.
2-4 (on one leaf): portrait of the Abbé de Condillac after Baldrighi; portrait of unidentified sitter with caption from Horace 'Neque Auster Dux inquieti turbidus'; portrait of Luigi Gonzaga, Principe di Castiglione after Domenico Corvi published as the frontispiece in his Il letterato buon cittadino, Rome 1776.
5: portrait of Giovanni Marco Calbo, Procuratore di S. Marco after 'Franc. Canal.' dated 1764.
6: portrait of Francesco Pisani, Procuratore di S. Marco after Francesco Bartolozzi dated 1763
7: portrait of Marco Foscarini, Doge of Venice dated 1762
8: engraved title-plate to Descrizione delle feste celebrate in Parma l’anno MDCCLXIX per le auguste nozze di Sua Altezza Reale l'Infante Don Ferdinando colla Reale Arciduchessa Maria Amalia d'Austria, Parma [1769], after E.A. Petitot.
9-12: plates after Raphael, Tintoretto, Veronese and Correggio published as pl. 11, 24, 23 and 18 in Gavin Hamilton’s Schola italica picturae, Rome 1773.
13: 'Divertissement De Venise' after Francesco Maggiotto, with the imprint line of Wagner, Venice and his stock numbers (one of a suite of six plates depicting the pastimes of different nations of which only this one is by Volpato and the others are by Wagner).
14-15: 'Veduta del Boschetto d’Arcadia dalla parte del Tempio' and 'Veduta del Boschetto d’Arcadia dalla parte dei Principi' after E.A. Petitot, published in Descrizione delle feste celebrate in Parma l’anno MDCCLXIX …, Parma [1769].
16-34: 19 genre etchings after Marco Ricci (9), Zuccarelli (6), Giuseppe Zais (1), Francesco Maggiotto (1) and Brand (2), all with the Venice imprint of Giuseppe Wagner and his stock numbers.
35: 'Pisis In Cœmeterio' after Carlo Bianconi, dated Venice 1769 showing the monument of Francesco Algarotti, commissioned by Frederick the Great and built in 1768 by Bianconi and Mauro Tesio.

Binding C18th half vellum, Kleisterpapier boards with old grey paper repair to damaged upper cover, MS. spine title at head of spine 'Volpato / [illegible]' and paper spine-label at foot of spine lettered in ink 'Prints / By / Volpato'.

Reference Number 6706

Additional Names Hamilton, Gavin (1723--1798). Schola italica picturae - Illustrations; Wagner, Giuseppe (1706--1780); Algarotti, Francesco (1712--1764) - Monuments

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