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Reference number

SM (11) 29/3/4 (12) 29/3/7


Design and presentation drawing, showing alternative designs for offices, May and July 1792 (2)


11 Ground floor plan of the offices 12 Ground floor plan of the house and the proposed offices


(11) bar scale of 3/20 inch to 1 foot (12) bar scale of 1/10 inch to 1 foot


11 Lady Pembroke, Design for new Offices (Soane) for the / Entrance please to enquire at next / door or of Mr Taylor Bricklayer / at Richmond: or of Monsieur / Jean Pierre Theodore Trécour[t] of / the Principal architects off[ice] in / the employ of Mr Holland, plan labelled (some in pencil): The House / Of office, The Streights of Thermophylae, Boot /Pantry, Passage, Grenaden / Poudering / Room, Servants Hall / 15" ft 13'6" / floored in parquetage, Kitchen à la Thurloe / 18 ft sqr / cones / for culinary purposes / pav'd with inward / cones confined in / medium paviers & / supported by trussed / girders, Scullery / see the / new Scullery / at Carlton / House, My Lady's / Privy, in design / Brick / kiln, Wood / House, Servants / Privy, The mews / Yard, and lettered O, A to G corresponding to key (Soane, pencil): A. Staircase leading to the / outside of the gable, B. Pedestal for a statue / of Heliogabalus, C. Staircase to a safe under the well for the first 183 / designs of this Building / NB Spring guns & man traps / are placed in the cupboards, D. Situation for the Cook's / dentist, F. For the architect, G. This parterre laid out / & planted not by Messr / Jean Pierre Theodore / Trécourt but by the architect / of architects himself 12 Plan of the proposed Additions / to Offices at Richmond Park, The Countess of Pembroke, Servants Hall, Butler, Light / Closet, Servants / dressg Room, Coals, Cover'd Passage to House, present line of Fence, Pantry, Kitchen / & two Rooms / over it, Scullery, Shed, Privy, Pantry and some dimensions given

Signed and dated

  • (11) Hans Town May 1792 (12) Copy July 9th 1792

Medium and dimensions

(11) Pencil, pen and pink wash on laid paper (462 x 329) (12) pencil, pen and grey, pink and black washes within double-ruled and wash border on laid paper (583 x 445)


(11) Henry Holland or the office of Henry Holland, and Soane (12) attributed to Thomas Chawner (1774-1851, pupil 1788-94)


(11) RG (12) J Whatman and fleur-de-lis over cartouche with ornate W below


Drawing 11 is attributed to Henry Holland (or his office; the hand is similar to sketchbooks from Holland's office), with rough inscriptions by Soane. The inscriptions have a facetious tone, including labels such as: 'Staircase to a safe under the well for the first 183 / designs of this Building / NB Spring guns & man traps / are placed in the cupboards'. It appears as though Holland and Soane altered the drawing while discussing the office design and Soane's difficult client. Indeed, Soane's Journals show that Lady Pembroke requested more alternative designs and estimates than was usual for a commission of that small size.

Soane worked as Holland's assistant from 1772 to 1778; drawing 11 suggests that the architects shared a more friendly relationship in the 1790s. Soane and Holland both attended the Architects' Club meeting at the Freemasons' Tavern on 29 March 1792. It is possible that they had a discussion about Pembroke Lodge at this time.

An inscription on the drawing refers to Carlton House, which Holland was currently designing (1783-1796). Another note refers to Jean Pierre Theodore Trécourt, a French assistant in Holland's office from 1783.

Drawing 12 is a design for an office range with roughly the same dimensions as the executed building (drawing 13). Unlike the built design, however, the offices are shown as detached from the house and accessed by a covered passage.

Soane met with Lady Pembroke in late June 1792 to discuss the new offices. On 9 July he sent working drawings to Mr Taylor, the brick mason, and Mr Louch, another clerk on site. Construction for the offices began before the end of the month (Journal No 1).

Soane travelled to Richmond on 21 June 1792 where he and Lady Pembroke 'talked over' the alterations and new offices at Pembroke Lodge. He travelled to the cottage again on 25 June. The plans were settled with 'Taylor & Louch' on 1 August ((Louch clerk? Taylor brick mason?))



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