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SM (3) 67/5/16 (4) 67/5/14 (5) 67/5/17


Site plans with proposals for the conversion of Yarborough House into an Infirmary, February-April 1809 (3)


3 Block plan of buildings on the west side of the hospital, with a plan of rooms within Yarborough House, proposed for the new Infirmary 4 Block plan with Plan shewing the premises lately occupied by Lord Yarborough / proposed to be converted into an Infirmary etc & also shewing / the relative situation of those premises, with[in] the Royal Hospital / at Chelsea 5 Block plan with a Design for converting part of / the premises lately in the / occupation of Lord Yarborough / into an Infirmary and View of the Building / with the proposed / additions & alterations


3 labelled (Soane) Presented to the / Board March 1. 1809 / Wednesday -, Green House, Artificers Work Shops (twice), Barber, Yard, Store Shed, Whitster (four times), Drying Ground (twice), (Soane) line a given / by Mr. Leverton / at my first intervension, Surgeon, wood, Bakehouse, 6 Births (five times), 8 Births, 4 Births (four times), Nurse, Guard House, Coal Yard, Joiners Shop, Stables (twice), Stable Yard, Paradise Row, (feint pencil) West Court of College, airing Ground, Present / Ent[ran]ce., Cleansing Ground, _ _ _ summer / House and some dimensions given 4 as above, labelled This plan contains Wards for 48 pensioners / on the Ground floor, & for 22 on the first floor, Paradise Row, Stable Yard, Coal Yard, Entrance, Drying Ground (twice), Creek, River Thames, Whisters, Proposed / site of Villa, Surgeon / House, airing Ground, Gough House & Garden, Surg[er]y, Surgery, Ward (eight times), Nurse (twice), Matron (twice), Cleansing / Ground, Court etc before / Gough House, (pencil) far left granted to Col[onel] / Gordon, Build the / airing G[rou]nd / far (illegible) and some calculations given 5 as above, labelled Common Entrance from Paradise Row / to the Infirmary & to Col[one]l. Gordon, Cleansing Ground, Ward / for / 6 (five times), Ward / for / 4 (twice), Ward / for / 8, anti Room, Physician, apothecary, apothecary / shop, washouse, Stable Court, Paradise Row, Entrance, Part of Burtons Court, Part of the Hospital, Bran, Meal, Bakehouse, Entrance from the Hospital, Dead / House, Surgery etc, Surgeons House, Whitster and Plan submitted to the Board / Thursday april . 15: 1809

Signed and dated

  • (3) (Soane) Feb:28.1809 (4) John Soane, Arch[itect] / april. 1809 (5) Chelsea Hospital, april 12: 1809


Soane office


Soane had many objections to the idea of converting Yarborough House into an Infirmary and met the Governor of Chelsea Hospital, Sir David Dundas, on 2 February 1809 to discuss the matter (recorded in Papers, presented to the House of Commons, relating to the Building of a New Infirmary, and the Leasing of Ground at Chelsea Hospital (ordered by the House of Commons to be Printed, 20th April 1809). He was told that there was no more land to be had - a result of part of Yarborough land having been leased to Colonel Gordon (so that he might build a villa).

On 3 February Soane went to survey Yarborough's house and recorded in the above mentioned papers that 'my Clerks began taking plans of the Ground and Buildings on the 4th of Feb. and continued until the whole was finished'. It seems likely that drawings 3 to 5 were part of this body of work as they mark out infirmary wards within the (then) existing structure of Yarborough House, experimenting with the possibility of conversion.

The inscription regarding the line given by Thomas Leverton (Colonel Gordon's architect) on drawing 3 also records the debate he and Soane had on the limits of the Infirmary boundary, as Soane wished that the Infirmary should face the river for the best air and that the said boundary should not obstruct the symmetry of the pre-existing buildings.



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